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Jan Juc Studio
Location - Jan Juc, Victoria
Status - Under Construction

Jan Juc Studio explores ideas related to structural clarity and enclosure.

The building is envisaged as a large deck space that gently floats across the undulating site. A series of sliding doors that extend around the perimeter of the house allow the internal spaces to be adapted to suit the climatic conditions. In summer the building opens to the site and allows sea breezes to naturally ventilate the interior while in winter the internal spaces close down.

Timber columns expressed on the outside of the dwelling define the internal spaces and frame views across the heavily treed site.

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Transition zones are pushed to the perimeter of the house, internal spaces can be opened to the transition areas creating a type of verandah around the entire perimeter of the interior or closed off to provide more intimate spaces.

The sharp lines of the roof and gently tapering roof structure are a continued exploration of structural clarity and expression from earlier projects, in particular the ballarat house.

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